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You are a student and you dream of doing an internship in Mexico?

In MyInternship, we forge a bond between the international students looking for an internship in Mexico and the Mexican companies. We help you throughout the recruitment process, from the beginning to the end of your internship.

We are a local franco-mexican placing agency and we have been working with international students for more than 12 years bringing them the best experience possible in Mexico thanks to our housing service and now helping them to find an internship.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is simple, you just need to send us by email your CV and cover letter in Spanish. Then, we will get in touch with you to prepare your future interview with the company, we will prepare it together. If the result is positive, the internship agreement will be signed and the management costs will have to be paid to MyInternship.

1. Sending by email your CV and cover letter

2. First contact with MyInternship

3. Interview with the company

4. Management costs and internship agreement signed

Why trusting us?

We help you in all the steps regarding your internship (internship agreement, visa etc…) and in your housing research. We will send you a free guide of Mexico to prepare you at best to this new professional experience.

We are available during all your internship if necessary and we oversee the smooth running of it.

Why choosing an internship offered by MyInternship?

Management costs

Our management costs for obtaining the internship are 150 euros.

The payment has to be realized only if you are accepted by the company as an intern and has to be done within the first 2 days after the positive answer, then we will send you the internship agreement signed.  

You will only have to pay the costs if you are accepted as a trainee in the company.


Why looking for an internship through MyInternship?